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EPA Moves To Freeze Cases Challenging Diesel Truck Phase-Out

By Oregon Family Farm Association,

California-led, and expected to be followed by Washington and Oregon, farmers and motorists on the west coast have been bracing for a 2036 ban on new diesel and heavy-duty trucks.

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Bill Curbs Water For Livestock

By Oregon Family Farm Association,

Cows, chickens, and other livestock on large farms in Oregon will no longer have an unlimited supply of water to slake their thirst, thanks to drought conditions and a new state law curtailing a livestock watering exemptions for confined animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, according to the Oregon Capital Chronicle. Continue reading

Bill To Help Fight Water Violations

By Oregon Family Farm Association

A court injunction may force people to stop hoarding or misusing water, thanks to passage of House Bill 2929, which gives the Oregon Water Resources Department the right to seek help from the court to stop water violators before irreparable harm is caused, according to Jefferson Public Radio. Continue reading

63% Of Farms Made Less Than $10,000

By Oregon Family Farm Association,

More than 63 percent of Oregon’s 37,000 farms earned less than $10,000 in 2020, forcing operators of small farms to work other jobs and seek creative ideas for adding products to sell and tapping into markets for them, according to an article on Axios. Continue reading

Well-Known Ranch Needs Caretaker

By Oregon Family Farm Association

The Bureau of Land Management is looking for a caretaker willing to spend three weeks in August at Riddle Ranch in the Southeast Oregon mountains. Continue reading

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