Newberg School District Voters are Strongly Encouraged to Return Ballots For:

Shelley Kolb for Newberg Schools District #2

Sue Osborne for Newberg Schools District #3

Raquel Peregrino de Brito for Newberg Schools District #4

Dave Brown for Newberg Schools District #6

Chris Irwin for Newberg Schools District #7

YES on City of Newberg Measure 36-228 (public safety, transparency)


Since 2021 we are seeing improvements in Newberg schools:

  • Higher Enrollment Enthusiasm
  • Increased Quality in Education
  • Results and Respect for Parents

It is important for the Newberg School District to continue to show a positive direction.


The Oregon Family Farm Association PAC supports rural elected officials, and is a leader defending rural values when Portland area special interests try to influence small Oregon towns. Family farmers from around Oregon strongly maintain that communities and school districts should retain local decision-making autonomy.

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