A special message from a coalition of elected leaders urging civility and no vote on divisive recalls

Dear Neighbor and Voter,

Combative political groups are pushing a number of expensive and divisive recalls. We urge a “No” vote.

As you likely know, Coach Dave Brown has positively impacted thousands of students during his near-20-year career at Newberg High School. As an educator and coach, Dave Brown has always gone the extra mile for our kids — such as quietly spending his personal money purchasing shoes for low-income students. Always encouraging, he’s the kind of basketball and tennis coach that reminds us how valuable good role models are for our kids. Since being elected Dave Brown and his colleague, Brian Shannon, have been unfairly attacked, smeared, and targeted.

Coach Dave Brown and Brian Shannon are making a positive impact on our local schools.

Out-of-state-funded recall campaigns, with ulterior motives, are not.

Last spring, frustrated Newberg/Dundee voters changed the make-up of the Newberg School Board. The message was clear: Make public classrooms less about political activism, and more about improving our students’ test scores. Within days, the new board was being torpedoed by the same crowd that wants to “defund the police” and remove parents from school decision-making. Name-calling and rumors of recall campaigns began within a few weeks. These same groups have also targeted other local offices.

Hidden resources have now been funneled against Brown and Shannon. The New York based ACLU was brought in with their attorneys to create disruption with tenuous claims. The recalls’ two top individual donors are literally from Hollywood. Both recalls are headquartered in Southeast Portland. The Newberg-Dundee community is simply not used to this outside pressure and disruptive political organizing.

We hope our neighbors understand that having members of our community willing to serve on our school board is critical. Without strong members who prioritize the success of our students, our system cannot work. If you disagree with a board decision, you should call that board member. You may actually find you have a great deal in common. If you really disagree, you should run against them in the next regular election.

Expensive recalls are not the answer. They are divisive. They are costly. We strongly urge Newberg School District citizens to vote NO on these recalls.

NO To Politics In Our Schools.

NO To Divisiveness.

NO To the Recalls.

What “Yes on Recall” advocates are saying: “That symbol (the American Flag) doesn’t stand for freedom or justice or equality anymore. It stands for violence and menace and intolerance…” —NHS Teacher, Gail Grobey, Newberg Teachers’ Union Organizing Chair

The Oregon teacher’s union is the 2nd largest donor of the “Yes on Recalls” campaign. (Source: The Newberg Graphic 9/14/2021)


State Senator, Kim Thatcher, Newberg (Current)
State Senator, Brian Boquist, Dundee (Current)
State Representative, Jessica George, Newberg (Current)
State Senator, Larry George, Newberg (2007-2015)
State Representative, Bill Post, Newberg (2015-2021)
State Representative, Jim Weidner, Dundee (2009-2017)
State Representative, Leslie Lewis, Newberg (1995-2001)
State Representative, Donna Nelson, Dundee (2001-2009)
State Representative, Jim Thompson, Dundee (2007-2011)