Generational farmers define the future

Darlen Sichley

Multi-Generational Farmers are Defining the Future

Words: Rob Goodman

When Darleen Sichley finished high school in Silverton, she decided it was time to leave her family’s farm. Abiqua Acres was founded in 1938 by Darleen’s grandparents and Sichley had spent her entire life helping run the farm. However, one year later she returned to the farm to raise a family.

Becky Heimerl: Raising up the next Ag generation

Planting the Seed for Oregon’s Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow

Words: Rob Goodman

Born with farming in her blood, Becky Heimerl grew up taking care of animals and working in the fields. Her mother served as the past president for Oregon Dairy Women (ODW) and is now chairperson of the Oregon Princess Ambassador program. This year ODW is celebrating its 60th anniversary. For Becky, the current president of ODW, the organization has a deeper meaning.

Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis: Bringing youth back to farming

Capitol Update Series by Oregon Tax News,

A bill cosponsored by Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis, during the 2019 Legislative Session would enable Oregon farmers to better hire younger workers by allowing a training wage during the first three months that would be exempt from the state minimum wage (which is among the highest in the nation). High minimum wage laws can have the adverse effect of increasing youth employment.  As Oregon minimum wage increased yet again this summer, many farmers are looking for helpful solutions.