80% of Marijuana Exported?

80 percent weed


Much of Southern Oregon sits at the northern tip of the Emerald Triangle, one of the nation’s best marijuana growing regions.  The climate is ideal for growing cannabis. The growing season extends into fall and the long warm summers bring little or no rain.

Ruling: Horse can’t sue owner

A horse can’t talk, despite Hollywood’s best attempts to make it seem so, and it can’t file a lawsuit against its owner, either, according to an Oregon judge.

Animal rights activist lawyers filed a $100,000 lawsuit against the owner of Justice, an 8-year-old lice-infested horse found in March 2017 with frostbitten genitals, weighing 300 pounds less than it should, according to Aimee Green’s Sept. 17 article in The Oregonian. Its owner, Gwendolyn Vercher of Cornelius, paid $3,700 in restitution after her conviction for first-degree animal neglect.