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Whatever happened to Pendleton Grain Growers

Pay Attention to Your Co-Op

Pendleton Grain Growers

Eric Fruits, Ph.D. is chief economist and president at Economics International Corp. and an adjunct professor at Portland State University.

Farmland Industries was once the largest farmer-owned co-op in the United States. In 2001, it opened a new headquarters in Kansas City. The glass-wrapped building and deluxe executive suites told the world that Farmland had become an agribusiness giant. At the time, the co-op was racking up debt—building a big expensive fertilizer plant, upgrading older fertilizer plants, and spending nearly $100 million on new computer software. In 2002, Farmland filed for bankruptcy. By 2004, its last big asset had been sold off. Continue reading

Sun sets on 55-year-old Co-op

Malin Potato Cooperative

Series: Pay Attention to your Co-Op

Words: Mitch Lies


The mood was upbeat and confident at the Malin Potato Cooperative in February of 2015. The Merrill, Oregon, agricultural co-op was preparing to open a brand-new, $7 million state-of-the-art potato packing plant. The co-op’s members had been convinced the investment would provide a much-needed lift with the promise of high efficiency and new organic markets. Continue reading

Rep. Whitsett: Protecting water rights

Gail Whitsett

(R, D-56) Retired

Oregon House of Representatives,

2013-2017, District 56 Including Klamath Falls and surrounding sections of southern Klamath County and southern Lake County. Chief of Staff for her husband, Sen. Doug Whitsett, 2005 to 2017. Continue reading

Hon. Patti Milne: Liberating farmers from bureaucracy

Patti Milne

(R, D-38) Retired

Oregon House of Representatives, 1993-1998, District 38 Marion County Commissioner, 1999-2014 Portions of Marion and Yamhill counties. Continue reading

Hon. Tootie Smith: Her farmer rights legacy

Tootie Smith

(R, D-18)

Oregon House of Representatives,  2001-2005, District 18 Clackamas County Commissioner, 2013-2016 The first woman elected to Oregon House District 18, which includes Silverton and Molalla. First Republican woman elected to Clackamas County Board of Commissioners. Continue reading

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